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Pizza Store Web Design And SEO Project

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pizza place web design

A local Californian Pizza store is looking to bring back the traffic and reputation it once had within the community. This project requires revamping the website while keeping the original branding. We also needed to structure the new website for SEO.


Revamping a pizzeria website while keeping original branding and colors is always a challenge. The owner wants the site to look traditional and family-friendly at the same time making it user-friendly and SEO-optimized.


Our team made an approach that pleases all the wishes of the client. We incorporated a font style from one of their old-school menus and used the existing color pallet with the modern layout. Then, we optimized all the titles and the content with selected keywords that fit into the design without looking unnatural.


We were able to increase local visibility and online orders substantially while keeping that cool old-school look and branding. NetUplift team also converted all their paper menu into PDF and uploaded it to their site to boost conversions and sales. The client still is working with us as of this moment.



Increase in organic traffic


Boost in website orders


Grow in local visibility