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Ideal AC Web Design And Logo Project

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Ideal AC is a local startup HVAC company located in Austin. The business owner wanted a clean and brand-friendly website that looked presentable and trusting. We designed a logo according to the color pallet that was provided by our client. At the end, the client loved the website design we came up with and they are interested in our SEO services.


Designing a new website with a brand-new identity is always a challenging task. The client wanted to incorporate the colors in the logo which created a lot of solid colors for the layout, but we need to dial it down and produce a UI that is pleasant to the eyes.


Our solution was to use the main color sparingly and include shadows and light UI/UX to keep the CTA as the main focal point and include happy family images to create a family and trustworthy look on the pages.


Our team did a great job incorporating all the wishes of the client and still being able to design a UI/UX that focuses on conversion and brand identity. Our client loved the end product and wants to grow his business with our agency moving forward.




Increase in productivity


Boost in website leads


Grow in website visits